Goat IgG Protein

Full Name: Goat IgG Protein

Catalog No.:AB1011-500

Price / Unit: EUR 160.00

Quantity/unit size: 5 mg

Description: Goat IgG full length protein isolated from goat serum. IgG is a monomeric immunoglobulin, with two heavy chains and two light chains. IgG can be found in blood and is the most abundant immunoglobulin, constituting 75% of serum immunoglobulins. There are 4 subclasses (IgG1 (66%), IgG2 (23%), IgG3 (7%) and IgG4 (4%)) that can bind to many types of pathogens, protecting the body against them by complement activation, opsonization for phagocytosis and neutralisation of their toxins. This protein can be used in biochemical and cell biology experiments as a blocking agent, coating protein, standard, reference antigen in a variety of immune assays including Western and dot blotting, ELISA, immune diffusion and immunoelectrophoresis.
Alternative names: Immunoglobulin G

Form: Goat full length IgG protein supplied as a 500 ┬Ál (10 mg/ml) aliquot in phosphate buffer (0.1 M, pH 7.4) and 0.001% sodium azide. This protein was affinity purified from goat using protein G.

Purity: Purity >95% by SDS-PAGE.

Tested Applications:

Application Notes:

Storage Buffer: 0.1 M phosphate buffer (pH 7.4) and 0.001% sodium azide.

Storage Instructions: Store at -20 C for long-term storage. Store at 2-8 C for up to one month. Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.

Expression System: Goat



For research use only, not for diagnostic use