Calnexin Polyclonal Antibody

Catalog No.:AB0037-500

Price / Unit: EUR 450.00

Source: Goat

Quantity/unit size: 1 mg

Description: Goat polyclonal to CANX (Calnexin) - endoplasmic reticulum (ER) membrane marker. CANX is a member of the calnexin family of molecular chaperones. This protein is a calcium-binding, ER-associated protein that interacts transiently with newly synthesized N-linked glycoproteins, facilitating protein folding and assembly. It may also play a central role in the quality control of protein folding by retaining incorrectly folded protein subunits within the ER for degradation.

Alternative names: Calnexin, CALX, CNX, FLJ26570,  histocompatibility complex class I antigen binding protein p88, IP90, major histocompatibility complex class I antigen-binding protein p88, MS952, P90 antibody.

Form: Polyclonal antibody supplied as a 500 µl (2 mg/ml) aliquot in PBS, 20% glycerol and 0.05% sodium azide. This antibody is epitope-affinity purified from goat antiserum.

Immunogen: Purified recombinant peptide within residues 550 aa to the C-terminus of human CANX produced in E. coli.

Specificity: Detects a band of 90 kDa by Western blot in the following human (293A, primary fibroblasts, HaCat, HeLa, HMEC-1, Jurkat, MNT1, U-118, rat (TR-iBRB), mouse (3T3, AtT-20, Hepa, Raw264.7), monkey (COS-7) and canine (D17) whole cell lysates.

Reactivity: Reacts against human, rat, mouse, canine and monkey proteins.

Usage: Western blot                              1:500-1:5,000
Immunofluorescence                               1:50-1:500
Immunohistochemistry (paraffin)           1:200-1:1,000
Immunohistochemistry (frozen)             1:200-1:1,000

Reactivity chart

Sample Western Blot Immuno-fluorescence Immuno-Histochemistry (p) Immuno-Histochemistry (f)
human +++ +++ +++ +++
mouse +++ +++ +++ +++
rat +++ +++ +++ +++
canine +++ +++ +++ +++
monkey +++ +++ +++ +++

Storage: Store at -20 C for long term storage. Store at 2-8 C for up to one month.

Special instructions: Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.


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For research use only, not for diagnostic use