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''Research Staff Scientist, Antibody Development and Validation''


Expertise: Scientific Research & Development

Education: BSc or higher

Job Type: Full-time

Location: Coimbra region

The Opportunity:

SICGEN – Research and Development in Biotechnology Ltd, is a portuguese company specialised in antibody production and related services. SICGEN is pioneering in Portugal custom-made, high-affinity, high quality polyclonal antibodies. SICGEN was established to provide a source of reagents for life science researchers in academia and industry worldwide. SICGEN staff perform all the necessary protocols including production and preparation of antigens to antibody affinity purification and characterisation.


Responsible for all aspects of design, development and validation of antibodies for custom and internal antibody projects and driving antibodies to product launch, including:
  1. Coordinating the full portfolio of antibody development projects, both internal and custom
  2. Design, production and preparation of antigens for injection
  3. Screening of antibodies for specificity and evaluating polyclonal antibodies in immunoassays including Western blotting, immunofluorescence, immunoprecipitation and other related assays
  4. Designing and executing the appropriate experiments and controls to develop in vitro and cellular immunoassays
  5. Contributing to target selection for development of new antibodies and new products
  6. Responsible for enforcing best practices and improvements of existing procedures, including maintenance of good laboratory records, laboratory notebooks, managing laboratory reagents/consumables, laboratory instrumentation and equipment
  7. Responsible for developing and writing technical articles and documents for production, testing and use of new products
  8. Assisting in developing marketing of products and services
  9. Working with marketing and sales dept to expand the business relationship with customers as well as providing technical support
  10. Attending scientific conferences and present SICGEN products/services, communicate results and data through oral and written communications.
  11. Maintain in-depth knowledge of relevant fields and techniques
  12. Maintain SICGEN web site updated, including databases
  13. Utilise basic computer systems such as Macintosh and Windows to perform word processing, spreadsheets and collection of scientific data


  1. Strong knowledge and experience on antigen design, antibody development and characterization, Western blotting, ELISA, molecular cell biology, cell culture, immunofluorescence microscopy, and quantitative imaging and data analysis
  2. Strong knowledge and experience of applying immunoassays to biological problems
  3. Knowledgeable about recent developments in life science research
  4. The successful candidate must demonstrate exceptional oral, written and presentation skills in English, be able to manage multiple simultaneous project assignments and work well in team environments
  5. Strong ability to conduct production/research independently as well as being a team leader and player
  6. Experience with the project management aspects of assay development such as timelines, milestones, and validation are essential
  7. Experience using animals in research

Education and Work Experience:

  1. Degree in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Biology or related field
  2. Experience and know-how in developing or producing antibodies and recombinant proteins preferred
  3. Extensive Molecular Biology, Antibody Development, Immunoassay and Cell Biology expertise preferred
  4. Evidence of Leadership experience preferred

Please email your application letter, CV and 2 reference letters to