Isolation of the gene of interest out of a customer-supplied vector and subcloning it into vectors of interest.  Verification of the subcloned gene by restriction digest and sequencing.

The service includes:

- Subcloning into a vector without or with epitope tags, e.g., GST, 6xHIS, etc.
- Sequencing of cloning sites in one direction
- 10 µg of sequencing verified plasmid containing the gene of interest interest and/or a bacteria-stub and the final sequencing data will delivered

Customer provides:

- DNA plasmid
- Specific cloning vector
- Information about insert and vector

Cat. No Service Details Unit Price Order
CS0140 DNA Subcloning (≤2,000 bp) 200.00
CS0141 DNA Subcloning (>2,000 bp) 0.00
CS0142 DNA Subcloning (≤2,000 bp) 0.00
CS0143 DNA Subcloning (>2,000 bp) 0.00