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cDNA/DNA PCR cloning

SICGEN performs PCR and RT-PCR cloning of known genes from DNA/RNA source. PCR product will be cloned into a basic cloning vector or other vector provided or authorised by the customer. The resulting cloned products are then confirmed by direct sequencing.

The service includes:

- Design and synthesis of oligonucleotides (if applicable)
- DNA amplification with high proof reading polymerase
- Sequencing of the target DNA in one direction
- 5-10 µg of sequencing verified plasmid containing the gene of interest and the final sequencing data will delivered

Customer provides:

- Information about the template and cloning vector
- Template DNA
- Specific cloning vector

Cat. No Service Details Unit Price Order
CS0120 DNA Cloning (< 500 bp) 200.00
CS0121 DNA Cloning (< 500 bp) 300.00
CS0122 DNA Cloning (< 500 bp) 150.00
CS0123 DNA Cloning (< 500 bp) 250.00
CS0124 DNA Cloning (501 bp -1.5 kb) 300.00
CS0125 DNA Cloning (501 bp -1.5 kb) 0.00
CS0126 DNA Cloning (501 bp -1.5 kb) 250.00
CS0127 DNA Cloning (501 bp -1.5 kb) 0.00
CS0128 DNA Cloning (≥1.5 kb) 0.00
CS0129 DNA Cloning (≥1.5 kb) 0.00